Finding a Wedding Photographer with the Right Style


Before you go on a search for a wedding photographer, you first have to define the style that you want. Definitely, this will help you ensure that you will be satisfied with your wedding pictures. Most probably, you will have four styles to choose from:


If you’re more inclined to want classic portraits, find a photographer whose specialty is portraiture. Imagine standing beside your spouse-to-be and posing in front of the camera with your friends and relatives beside and behind you. More of this are accessible at That doesn’t mean however that there is no room for creativity. While some portraiture experts don’t go beyond the usual backdrops and poses, others are more adventurous and like to add some drama. The couple, for example, may be photographed dancing in the middle of a dirt road, or sitting on the steps leading to the church entrance.

Edgy and Bold

This photography style is composed of one-of-a-kind tilted angles (called Dutch angles) and eccentric framing. This means that a couple exchanging vows at the altar will not be photographed with a straight on shot, but rather from a tilted angle with a candle or flower arrangement in the foreground. Or it can be the bride being shot from above while being made up, with focus on the eye shadow brush instead of her face. Or may it can be a simple portrait of a flower girl with her face occupying the bottom right corner of the photo, and the rest of space filled with everything behind her.

Fine Art

While closely resembling documentary photography, fine art is a style that allows the Freeport wedding photographer great artistic leeway to add a personal element into your photographs. This means the shots will reflect reality, but from the point of view of the one behind the camera. For instance, photos will look absolutely gorgeous but will have a tinge of graininess, dreaminess or being muted. The couple will often be the focus and everything around them is blurred. Motion will also appear very natural in this photography style. Wedding photographers who rely on film tend to belong to this classification, and often focus on blacks and whites (though they can readily add in some colors too). Nevertheless, a digital camera-wielding photographer can do justice to this photography style if he as the right gear and lens. Note that in some cases, photographers may move from film to digital and back again. Also remember that some fine art photographers do not shoot portraits. If your parents insist on having posed photos, find someone who takes them too, or simply hire another photographer who does portraiture.


Finally, in documentary photography, photos will not be posed but are instead all candid or spontaneous. Some usual shots done by a destination wedding photographer include bridesmaids chatting, champagne in hand, your cousins strutting on the dance floor or the banquet table just before the guest dig in. When you have a purely photojournalistic guy or gal behind the camera, expect no eyes staring at the camera – everything will be captured exactly as they happen.

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